Things to know

When making your choice for a Limousine Company, make sure they have the following requirements:


  • A USDOT # is required by all limousines 9 passenger or over. If vehicle does not have a USDOT# the driver may be ticketed or worse, the vehicle may be towed on your special day.
  • A U.S Federal Motor Carrier Number is required in order to travel out of state. If vehicle does not have a U.S Federal Motor Carrier Number the driver may be ticketed or worse, the vehicle may be towed on your special day.
  • 1.5 Million Dollar Liability Insurance for 14 Passengers or less and 5 Million Dollars for over 14 Passengers.
  • A standard DRUG POLICY, which is required by USDOT. We also do our own random drug tests. You want to make sure you driver has no bad habits..


The following also helps when booking a limousine:


  • Are they recommended by catering halls or nightclubs? We are recommended by many top names in the industry.
  • Have you checked with the Better Business Bureau and checked if the company has been sued.
  • Does the company do quarterly check on their drivers to make sure they do not have new traffic violations, or accidents? Many companies do this once a year, you’d be surprised what happens after that.
  • Does the company operate out of a show room with a full staff , do you have to meet them at a supermarket parking lot, or do they come to you? Top Class has reservationists, dispatchers, mechanics, detailers and a Manager that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of an emergency.
  • Does the company subcontract or farm out work? This is where you have to be weary. A lot of cheaper companies use other companies to do their work. This practice compromises your safety and the quality you pay for.
  • Are all cars owned and operated by the company, can they prove they own all of their own vehicles? Most companies also exaggerate the number of passengers their vehicles hold. They call an 8 to 10 passenger Lincoln a 12 passenger or a 20 passenger SUV a 24 passenger. This practice can leave everyone uncomfortable, but more importantly it is very unsafe.
  • Does the company have a large enough fleet to replace a vehicle in case of an emergency or mechanical failure. We do! We have a fleet of over 30 vehicles that are owned and maintained by us.
  • Does the company have a Manager on hand 24 hours, so you can call in case of an emergency.
  • How long has the company been doing business, under the same name? Some companies change their names after accidents or lawsuits. We’ve been in business with the same name since 1988.
Ask to see the vehicles registration and insurance to ensure that the company actually owns the vehicle you book. Checking insurance and registration info ensures that the vehicle’s advertised seating capacity matches that of the registration. The BA means that the vehicle listed below is properly registered as a bus. A vehicle can be towed for improper registration.