Things To Know

Before You Choose Your Limo Company

REMEMBER; when making your choice for a Limousine Company, make sure they meet the following requirements:

-USDOT # (required by all limousines 12 passengers or over. If vehicle does not have a USDOT#  the driver may be ticketed or worse, the vehicle may be towed on your special day.

-U.S Federal Motor Carrier Number ( all vehicles need this to travel  out of State, If vehicle does not have a  U.S Federal Motor Carrie number the driver may be ticketed or worse, the vehicle may be towed on your special day.

-1.5 Million Dollar Liability insurance for 14 passengers or less , and 5 Million Dollars for vehicles over 14 passengers.

-Quality reliable service is what everyone in the market for limousine service is looking for , At Top Class Limousine, Our Standard Drug Policy Testing  will insure your driver doesn’t have any bad habits, the practice is also required by NYDOT.

The following will be helpful when choosing a limousine.

-Does the company operate out of an actual office or showroom.  Do you have to meet them in a parking lot? Do they offer to come to you?  Is the car they show you also on another company’s website?  

– Companies who sub-contract  their work or are not licensed properly , tend to offer cheaper rates, or rates that don’t include gratuity , sale tax, or service fee,  this type of practice compromises your safety and the quality of service. Cheaper isn’t always better.

– What is the companies back up plan, should there be an issue with any of the vehicles you rented. Will smaller companies , usually cant offer a backup plan, you will received a call cancelling and refunding your money which will take weeks, or they may show up with a completely different vehicle.

– How long has the company been in business under the same name, many small companies develop bad reputations and change the name of their Company, other companies run into financial problems and shut down, and re-open under a different name. Top Class Limousine has been in business for 30 years, with the same owner.

-Are they recommended by catering halls, photographers, florist, hotels, check out the company references by checking with local catering halls.

– Check if the company has any complaints registers with the better business bureau.

Visit the Westchester County Taxi & Limousine website for more information at   https://tlc.westchestergov.com/