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Thank You ! 1/7/17

From: Joanna Mancuso 
Sent: Wednesday, February 01, 2017 10:20 PM
To: Lauren Khader
Subject: thank you! 1.7.17


Thank you so much! We apologize that we weren’t able to send a thank you any sooner.  Life got a bit crazy as soon as we got back from our honeymoon but we didn’t want to forget to send you along our gratitude.  

We wrote a few reviews on some of the wedding websites as we were thoroughly impressed by how amazing Tony and Joe were!  They went completely above and beyond the scope of their jobs.  There were a few things i wanted to touch upon that could go either way on a website review but i know its safe here hahah.  Tony and Joe were literally SHOVELING SNOW on the wedding day!!! I mean want to talk about going above and beyond.  I literally opened the window to the rolls royce and yelled “I cant believe you’re shoveling snow right now!”


They made sure everyone got safely in and out of the car and bus and into the church and venue.  I literally cannot express my thanks enough.  They were both funny and sweet and kept myself and everyone else so calm.  I will absolutely be referring your services to future clients and friends.  We hope that you and your staff have a wonderful 2017 and safe travels!!! 


Joanna Mancuso & Frank Zimbaro